Gist It!

Gist It! is an application that allow you to create GitHub Gist from the terminal very easily.

How to use?

The application can be used in 2 different ways

  • Console input: Read the input and generate a fake file to submit. Ie, git diff | gistit
  • Files: Specify one or more files to be submitted, Ie, gistit file1.txt file2.c file3.js

Available parameters

All the parameters are optional, but helps you to customize your gist.

  • -v or --version - Show the application version and exit
  • -h or --help - Show the avaliable parameters and how to use
  • -d <STRING> or --description <STRING> - Set the GitHub Gist description
  • -priv - Set the gist to be private. It will not mark exclusive only for you, but to anyone with the link
  • -i <FILENAME> - Define the filename for console input. Setting the filename makes the GitHub highlight the text based on the extension. This parameter has no action when used with files.
  • <FILE> - Use the FILE on the gist. You can specify multiple files.


Creating from files

$ gistit ~/.bashrc ~/Documents/share.txt
Gist URL:

Creating from some application output

$ ls | gistit
Gist URL:

It is similar of:

$ ls > default.txt
$ gistit default.txt
Gist URL:

Specify description and mark as private

ls | gistit -d "My computer files" -priv
Gist URL:

Define a custom filename to the gist

git diff | gistit -i my_commit.diff
Gist URL:

Creating gist with your GitHub account

You can configure your environment to create gist with your GitHub account.

If you do not have your token, create one clicking here.

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